Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tea Tree Oil - HEALTH - Antibacterial, antifungus, skin problems

Many of us will often have some type of fungus problem on our skin, the most common symptoms of which includes; Acne, rashes, red spots, dry skin, dry hair and areas of itching to name a few.

And when using regular body lotions, shampoos and such don't work, we often end up going to a dermatologists for stronger prescribed medicines.

Well there are some more natural treatments that you can try that work for many people, and have worked for centuries.

One of these treatments is to use the Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil which is a natural tool for treating bacterial and fungal problems.

The link below is to an article by a fellow writer on HubPages, James Thomas. It is a very informative article on applications and uses for Tea Tree Oil.

Use Tea Tree Oil

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