Tuesday, January 24, 2012

APPLES - FRUIT - Health Information

Apples by Don Bobbitt

The Apple is a Fruit that has been cultivated and consumed by man throughout history.

There are numerous varieties of Apples that have flavors from extremely sweet to extremely Tart. There are varieties that grow well in Cold as well as Hot climates.

Besides their Nutritional value,they have been used around the world for certain health issues.
Here are a few:

Bowel Movement- Eating Apples help ease and regulate Bowel Movements

Cancer- Apples have been shown to help in the prevention of Colon Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Lung Cancer.

Cholesterol- Apples and their Fiber help reduce Cholesterol levels due to their ability to prevent reabsorption, in some people.

Heart Disease- Apples also help reduce the chance of developing Heart disease if consumed regularly.

Weight Loss- Apples with their fiber and relative bulk for their size are a good food for making you feel full and thus help with weight loss.

Antioxidant- Apples contain compounds that exhibit antioxidant type activity when eaten.

This is a link to a good article by fellow Hub writer, lobobrandon, on the Health Benefits of GREEN APPLES, check it out:

Green apple benefits - the various health benefits of green apples

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Monday, January 23, 2012


Garlic pic by Muffet via Flikr

Garlic is a pungent plant that has been cultivated for over 6000 years for its cloves that are used in cooking around the world. It is of the Onion genus and is related to; shallots, leeks, chives among many others.

Garlic has a number of health applications including;

Anti-Bacterial- used by herbalists as an antiseptic

Anti-Fungal- used to treat infections and digestive disorders.

Anti-Viral- used in the treatment of colds

Cancers- purported to help in the treatment of Stomach and Colon Cancers

Cholesterol and Arterial Plaques- studies have shown reductions in Cholesterol and Arterial Plaques in patients that consumed Garlic regularly.

Heart Disease-  purported to help prevent forms of Heart Disease such as; High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure.

Hoarseness and Coughs- used as a herbal treatment for Hoarseness and Coughs.