Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lavender -

Lavender - pic by possumgirl2 via flickr


Lavender is a plant of the Mint family with flowers that are a shade of purple that has come to b known as Lavender.  Lavender has a number of interesting health applications such as;

TEAS- Lavender flowers are used to provide a nice scent and flavor to Black Teas.

COOKING- Lavender buds are sometimes used with milks and cheeses to add a light sweet flavor to a dish.

INSECT BITES and BURNS- Lavender salves are said to provide a soothing effect to Bites and Burns and have some antibacterial and antiviral properties.

INSOMNIA, STRESS an ANXIETY- Essential Lavender Oils are purported to help with these aliments.

AROMATHERAPY- Lavender Oil is often used for; anxiety, headaches, joint pain (using oil in baths)

WARNING- Avoid the use of Lavender Oils for dermatology problems, and Lavender Oil is toxic when take orally.


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