Thursday, December 1, 2011

CUCUMBER - Vegetable

CUCUMBERS by Don Bobbitt
CUCUMBER, that simple and tasty vegetable that we eat in numerous Dishes and Salads also has other uses that might surprise you. Here are a few of these uses.

BAD BREATH - If you place a slice of Cucumber on the roof of your mouth for about 30-seconds or so, it will help reduce bad breath.

CELLULITE -  By rubbing a few slices of Cucumber on the problem sight, it will temporarily help tighten the skin.

ENERGY BOOST - Because Cucumbers have high levels of Carbohydrates and even several B-Vitamins, eating several slices can give you a little Energy Boost.

CLEANER - Cucumber slices can be rubbed on your faucets and the sink itself to remove tarnish.

LUBRICANT - A noisy door hinge can be lubricated and quietened temporarily by rubbing it with a slice of Cucumber.

GARDEN GRUBS - Garden Grubs hate the smell that is emitted when you rub cucumber slices onto an aluminum pan and place it into your garden.

NUTRITIONAL CONTENT - Cucumbers are a great source of numerous B vitamins and minerals, including; Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorous, Folic Acid and Calcium.

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